The Next Big Gig by judy bonzi

So last year kinda sucked for me as a maker. I had three broken wrists, plates and 8 screws put into each wrist, and a lot of down time. That still sounds so ridiculous, not to mention that all the breaks were freak accidents with no clever or nefarious back story. I have surgery planned for April 9th which will hopefully put all of last year behind me.

What I am really looking forward to is the Next Big Gig. That will be a pair of night tables for a client made of riff sawn walnut. The shape is essentially a coopered half round, though it will be more of a chubby ellipse, with a drawer and an adjustable shelf. I am not going to knock down the facets of the coopering so the facets will remain and create a lovely light play. Some details are still rather fluid: will there be a brass detail on the rim of the shelf, and or the base; will there be brass "shoes" on the feet; just how many staves are there going to be?

Deco Echo/ model

Deco Echo/ model

The client loves purple, so I will be giving the tables a subtle violet dye wash that will enhance and prolong the cooler tones inherent with freshly milled walnut. I will be finishing the tables with my current favorite, Osmo Oil. 

sawdust and wood chips by judy bonzi

and so begins a new web site for I hope you enjoy traveling about the images posted here, and come back and visit often as the site evolves with new work being posted as it is completed and photographed.